5 The cleaning and maintenance of projectors is the Customer’s responsibility and is not part of any of Promethean’s warranty services. Failures or degradation in the projector or lamp’s functionality or quality of operation arising as a result of: incorrect, insufficient and ineffective cleaning regimes (which vary dependant on the environment within which they are installed), or cleaning regimes not in accordance with the projector user manuals, or as a result of inappropriate or unsuitable changes to projector settings are not covered under Promethean’s warranty and will reduce the expected lifetime of projectors and lamps for which Promethean cannot be held responsible. 

Promethean’s warranty on the original lamp installed in a purchased Promethean projector is 3 years or 3000 hours of “corresponding value” (whichever comes first) for LCD projectors and when used in “normal” or “eco” modes for DLP projectors (excluding the PRM-32 which is only covered for 6 months or 500 hours, whichever comes first), 

and is subject to the above. 

The Customer is responsible for ensuring the purchased projector is suitable for the environment within which they are installed. 

Go to http://www.prometheankb.com or http://www.prometheanplanet.com for guidance on projector maintenance and best practices. 

Lamps purchased individually as spares or as replacements and not as part of a projector are subject to the same conditions as above, except these will only be entitled to Advanced Replacement warranty for 90 days starting from date of purchase from Promethean or a Promethean authorised partner and proof of purchase from a Promethean Channel Partner will be required as part of the diagnostics. 6 When Advanced Replacement or On-Site Support are purchased for a 300/300 Pro or a 500 Pro adjustable or mobile system, the stand is also covered by the purchased enhancement.

(version française disponible sur demande)

Neal Morgan, assistance technique / technical support