Voici les instructions en anglais. Faits moi signe si vous avez besoin d'une traduction.


Here are the instructions:


1-      Download the apps (extension is  .apk) on the root of a USB drive and insert the drive in the Android USB port on the panel

2-      With the Remote control press: “input” 1 3 7 9

3-      Scroll down to “Unknown Sources” and switch the tab to “ON”

4-      “Confirm” for installation. This will access the USB drive.

5-      Select the .apk(s) and install them one at a time

6-      Exit when done

7-      Repeat steps 2, 3 and switch to “OFF” to “seal” the system


iClass Support

s'applique aux modèles : RP653, RP703, RP840G