To diagnose the issue, please follow the instructions in the below order and test the projector after each step to see if the issue is resolved.

Wherever you see a number in brackets (*), this is a reference to one of our articles located at which will provide you with further details if necessary.

1. Please check the current Fan Speed setting on the projector. To do this, press Menu on the remote and go to Installation II. Please advise what this is currently set to (10938).

2. If your projector Fan Speed is set to High, please check and provide the altitude of the building the projector is installed in. If you are at more than 1500m/4921ft Promethean recommends that the projector Fan Speed to be set to High.
If set to Normal please go to step 3.

3. Check the ventilation grills and ensure that these are free from any dust accumulation. If you have an additional filter fitted on your projector please also check this.

4. Is this projector noticeably louder than other projectors of the same model (if available)?

5. Factory reset the projector (10912).

Please advise of the results of these steps.