COLORS : For troubleshooting purposes 

The list below will explain to you what is going on with the board.

Connected USB – White

Connected 2.4 GHz – Yellow

COULEURS: Pour des fins de dépannage La liste ci-dessous va vous expliquer ce qui se passe à la connexion du ActivBoard. Connectés / Connexion USB - Blanc

Connexion 2.4 GHz - Jaune

Pen on surface – Cyan

Programming/Programmation – Flashing/Clignote (USB – VERT/Green: 2.4 GHz – Jaune/Yellow)

Error – Flashing Rouge/Red

If the flame is flashing Bleu/Blue, there may be an issue with the power brick that connects the ActivBoard to the power supply

Durant l'entregistrement du TNI / When registering the board:

Blanc/White flashing-awaiting code input/clignote en attente du code

Mauve/Purple-first part of code entry

Blanc/White-2nd part of code entry

Bleu/Blue-3rd part of code entry

Yellow-connected over wireless